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What to recycle from household waste

The government has enacted the "Law for Promotion of Sorted Collection and Recycling Containers and Packaging" since containers and packaging waste account for nearly 60% of the total waste capacity and to promote a recycle-oriented society while protecting the environment and resources in accordance with the Containers/Packaging Recycling Act and the Home Appliances Recycling Law.
 The "Home Appliances Recycling Law" is enacted for the four major home appliances considered to be most difficult for local government to dispose and need to be effectively used as resources. Household waste shall be disposed according to this law.

What do dispose where?

Containers and packaging waste includes empty cans (steel cans and aluminum cans), glass bottles, PET bottles, plastic containers/packages, paper packages and corrugated cardboard. These waste items need to be sorted according to the local rules. The items designated as the four major home appliances are washing machine & dryer, refrigerator & freezer, television and air conditioner. Have the store where you originally purchased collect these items at the time of disposal. When doing so, “home appliance recycling voucher” will be issued for a fee for recycling to be paid.
 “Automobile Recycling Law” is also enacted for automobiles, where “recycling voucher” will be issued when purchasing a new car and the recycling cost need to be paid.
 We shall do our best to reduce waste in addition to recycling, such as bringing shopping bags along when going shopping.

Reference / Ministry of the Environment HP “Waste & Recycling”