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Support the local area by eating good food

“Local production for local consumption”

“Local production for local consumption” means to consume locally produced products within the local area. Fresh, delicious and safe food will be available with this approach. Also, the rise in the rate of distribution activities within an area will contribute to the local economy, and also be environmentally-friendly by reducing the amount of fuel which would otherwise be used for long-distance transportation and cut down on CO2 emission.
 There are initiatives being taken in various regions nationwide, such as produce stands, farmer's restaurant, and school lunches using local produce.

Variety of activities spreading in various ways

“Local production for local consumption” is an activity where consumers and producers exchange and reach mutual understandings of each other's circumstances. Building such new relationships by “seeing the other person's face and interacting” is now spreading out in a variety of ways.
 There are regions where they are now reconsidering the area's food culture and leading dietary education by thinking about how food should be and how they should be consumed.
 There are also areas where senior citizens are playing a major role at pro-duce stands, and further lead cross-generation interaction and community activities for a better neighborhood.
 Why not take a closer look at regional produce?

Reference: “Eat local!” from Rural Culture Association website