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How can I help
when someone is bleeding or burnt?

“I am not able to help because I don't know how”.
 To avoid such a situation、the following are a few basic tips which may come in handy.


“There is a person who's bleeding.
 Someone teach me a hemostatic technique!


There are two major types of hemostatic techniques.
 First is the "direct pressure styptic method", where a clean gauze or handkerchief is put on the wound pressed strongly by hand. In order to prevent infection, cover your hands with plastic or rubber gloves, or plastic bags when performing this treatment.
 The “tourniquet method” is used when bleeding heavily from an arm or a leg and when hemostatic treatment seems to be difficult. Tie a clean towel or a handkerchief to the part which is closer to the heart than the bleeding wound. Then insert a stick under the knot and turn it to apply pressure and to stop the blood flow.
 Hemostatic treatment should be completely suspended every 30 minutes. It is important to note down the time when hemostatic treatment began.


“I burnt myself. What kind of medicine should I use?”


If you or anyone around you is injured with a burn, the first thing to do is to stay calm. “Cool with water” before any medicine. The best way is to cool the wound under running water, but this can also be done by moistening a clean cloth and putting it over the wound. But be careful when the burn is underneath the clothes. A blister may pop when forcing to take clothes off, so try to cool the wound over the clothes.
 Whichever the case may be, it is better to have the wound examined at the hospital. The cases introduced here are just examples of basic emergency treatment. It is important to keep these in mind in case of an emergency.

Reference: The Fire and Disaster Management Agency HP