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We do not bear any responsibility over any damage caused resulting from the use of programs, data and contents that are in info-japan.
We do not bear any obligations in providing technical services regarding info-japan whatsoever.
We are not responsible for any behavior nor obliged to guarantee any defects for info-japan.
We do not hold responsible for any losses caused by suspension or discontinuation of info-japan service in part or in its entirety.


Copyright for the contents provided through info-japan belongs to NTT TownPage Corporation and partner companies who are providers of the content. info-japan may not be copied or reproduced in part or in its entirety without prior consent for any use other than personal use. This also applies to the information of stores and businesses (name, telephone number and address) that are listed in info-japan.

Even for the case of personal usage, displaying, copying, reproduction and printing is permitted but not modification, provided that the information is not misappropriated in an environment which can be seen by other people or that the information is not used for commercial purposes.

Secondary Use of Information

Copyright for the contents provided through info-japan belongs to NTT TownPage Corporation and partner companies who are providers of the content. All contents and information provided through info-japan is subject to copyright, and any use, reproduction, duplication, copying, selling and reselling for commercial or business use and reprinting is strictly prohibited.

Governing Law

info-japan is under the management of NTT TownPage Corporation
Although info-japan can be accessed from countries all over the world that are under different legal environments, both the users who access info-japan and NTT TownPage Corporation shall agree to be governed by the laws of Japan and of the Tokyo Municipal Government regarding use of info-japan. Access to info-japan shall be made based on onefs own free will, and the user shall be responsible for its usage.

Prohibited Matters

The following actions are prohibited to allow more users to use the service more comfortably:
- Any actions which would have a major impact on the info-japan service
- Actions which would repeatedly access info-japan using an automated program
We may limit access to info-japan without prior notice if such actions are identified.

Handling of Information


A cookie is to provide convenience to users when revisiting our website, and in any means does not infringe the userfs privacy nor have negative impact on the userfs computer.
The browser can be set to reject cookies, but this may cause difficulty in displaying certain pages or for some functions to work properly. Please consult the software manufacturer for browser settings.

Web beacons

There are some pages in our website where we use web beacons (occasionally called gClear GIFh) for the purpose of taking statistics on the usage of web pages in order to enhance our website.
When a user visits a page, the web beacons automatically records information on this visit to the web server and will be used anonymously for statistical analysis.

Listing Information Contents

We are making continuous efforts in providing users with reliable services and information, through means such screening of advertisements based on our listing rules. However the information provided through info-japan (information of a third party, such as corporate information, advertising information and other information provided from a third party) is provided under the responsibility of the third party, for which case info-japan does not endorse the reliability, legality, security, legitimacy or validity for all of contents listed in info-japan

Suspension/Discontinuation of Service

Certain parts of info-japan services may be discontinued without prior notice when determined to do so by NTT TownPage Corporation In addition, info-japan may suspend operation of info-japan without prior notice to users for the following reasons:
- When carrying out maintenance activities for info-japan
- When there is malfunction with info-japan
- Occurrence of any event beyond reasonable control, such as natural disasters including fires, power outages, earthquakes, eructation, flooding, tsunami, and war, riots and labor disputes.
- For any cases when NTT TownPage Corporation deems necessary to discontinue the operation of info-japan

EC Services

Listings for shops and transactions with shops

The shops within the EC service offered by info-japan are not provided by NTT TownPage Corporation Information within each of these shops and transactions with them are under the initiative of these shops. NTT TownPage Corporation is not responsible for any activities, products or services offered herein and listing contents and transactions carried out between users and owners of these shops. NTT TownPage Corporation is not responsible for any losses, damages or faults experienced by the user through the use of these shops.

Notes for using the shops

Please carefully review the usage terms, usage guides and policies on personal information protection upon using these shops. Please forward any inquires or questions regarding listings and transactions with the shops directly to the shop owners. Information such as names and addresses entered by the users will be forwarded to the shops where the users make purchases.